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Whiz Adsbay

Whiz ads bay is an end-to-end mobile and web performance marketing agency that helps businesses reach their target audience through a global network of traffic sources with their high-quality, cost-effective marketing options. They offer precision targeting capabilities and re-engagement tools, they reach the right people in any market, on any device, through any social media platform, and in any language.

ClientWhiz Ads BayDateDecember 2022AuthorKabir SinghShare


  • To create a Logo which is easily recognizable and iconic.
  • Develop a B2B website for their target audience which are advertisers and publishers. The website has to list all the services provided by them, how they help can their clients, different sections for advertisers and publishers.

We started the work by finalizing the brand colors which are in the shades of orange and blue which are complementary colors and stand out when used together to create a strong visual impact and harmony.  Orange is a warm, vibrant, and energetic color that can evoke feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, creativity, and optimism. Blue is a cool, calm, and serene color that can evoke feelings of trust, reliability, professionalism, and intelligence.

The logo is in the amalgamation of letter W and A and signifies a wave. We created three versions of the logo – Typographic logo, abstract logo Mark and logo mark icon. 

The main objective of the project was to create a B2B website with a modern and colorful UI. We went for a more fluidic-animated approach for the design in the background and clean rounded boxed as it suited more with the new age professional B2B brand image.  We have also used illustrations to make the website a bit more lively. 

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