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Kreative Konnection


  • To Redesign a B2B brand and give a modern twist to their existing brand identity.
  • Create a New Logo which has 3 K’s in it, is Vastu and numerology approved and should be in shades of Red. 
  • The branding has to be clean, luxurious, modern and memorable.

The first step was to scrap the previous design and logo and come up with ideas that go with the requirements of the client. We created multiple logos with Three K letters and were sent to a Vastu expert for approval. The next step was to iterate the logo and give a final render to the client and create a color palette based on the design.

The Logo for Kreative Konnections is inspired by a Lotus which is a symbol of divinity, perfection, resurrection and new beginnings. It has 3 Stripes, and 6 petals with 3 on either side to form Three K’s. The color palette had similar inspiration and has shades of Magenta pink and red.

We also created a brand symbol which is a geometric lotus.  Brand symbols are visual elements that create a distinctive and memorable identity for a brand. They can be used to enhance the brand’s personality, message. and values across different media and platforms. We have utilized the brand symbol on the brand stationery including business card, company profile, letterhead and file covers in different forms.  The design is very elegant, luxurious, clean and soothing.

Kreative Konnections is a professional consultancy and branding services firm that specializes in helping expats settle in gulf countries of UAE. They offer a wide range of services that are designed to help their clients make a smooth transition to their new homes.

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