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Migration Experts

Migration Experts is a New Zealand based immigration consultancy which helps people from India to migrate to New Zealand

ClientMigration ExpertsDateFebruary 2023AuthorKabir SinghShare


  • To Redesign the brand logo and create a brand identity for it.
  • Create a new website which tells people about their services
  • Create social media templates for linkedin, facebook and instagram.
  • New Brand stationery

Migration Experts already had a logo but it wasn’t very professional and clean. Instead of going for a completely new logo design, we decided to fix the existing one as they have been in business for a long time and were easily recognized by their logo. We changed the font, added more colors and made it clean.

For the color palette we went with blue, white and golden. These colors are associated with Trust and reliability which are one of the highlights of Migration experts.

For Brand stationery and documents, We went with a clean design and an abstract fluidic pattern which was in the shades of blue.

Target audience for the brand are students and people going for work opportunities and to reach them, having a great social media presence is very important. Which is incomplete without well designed social media templates. For templates, we went with gradients in the shade of pink and blue. 

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