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Shal e Pashm: A Regal Reverie

In the pursuit of eternal elegance, our regal masterpiece, “Shal e Pashm,”. This collection is the epitome of luxury, sophistication, and grace. Welcome to “Shal e Pashm: A Regal Reverie,” a campaign where we harmoniously fuse contemporary regality with the finest shawls.

The Art of the Frame: Crafting Visual Elegance

Location: The setting for this campaign was carefully selected to be contemporary while exuding unmistakable royalty. Picture interiors that sprawl across meticulously designed spaces, all set against grand, modern architecture. The setting itself serves as a testament to the client’s dedication to opulence and refinement.

Color Palette: For “Shal e Pashm,” a color palette was chosen that speaks volumes about sophistication. Dominant tones of regal yellow gold, accompanied by modern neutrals, stand as a testament to the client’s commitment to elegance and luxury. These shades are intricately woven into each shawl, showcasing their dedication to timeless beauty.

Makeup: When it came to makeup, the emphasis was on complementing natural beauty while embracing a look that is both modern and classic. The intention was to highlight the models’ features, allowing their natural grace to be the focal point, akin to the shawls they are wearing.

Lighting: The lighting scheme was deliberately crafted to cast the entire setting in a warm, inviting aura. The carefully selected artificial lighting radiates across the shawls, emphasizing their intricate craftsmanship and luxurious textures.

Brand Video

Crafting visuals for Shal-e-Pashm was like weaving pashmina itself — a labor of love, each frame a thread in the opulent tapestry of royal luxury.

ClientShal-e-PashmDateSeptember 2021PhotographyPulkit TalwarDirectorMaheep ChhabraShare
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